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Oct 2020 through Oct 2021 – Endo mini-residency program

Level IV – Mini-Residency

It is like an endo residency but only in 12 months … without the politics and the blah blah from Dr. A There is a weekly meeting where we learn endo literature and go over case presentations… many and many cases. Just like in a residency.


Known as “The Works”, the 12-month Mini-Residency pulls together levels I, II and III in an intensive week-by-week program highlighted by scientific literature review, case presentations and in-depth literature-based discussions.

The goal of the Mini-Residency is to enable each Doctor with the necessary science to support the “Why” and “How” provided in Levels I through III, and therefore forge the true and complete Endodontic Experts whose sole goals should be to do “whatever it takes” to save the “Natural Implant”.


Here is how it is structured It revolves around 3 pillars: SCIENCE… CLINICAL… BUSINESS. All this will be supported by weekly literature review. The program will also draw from the existing Level I (you and your team are free to attend again as often as you want at no charge) and Level II (cadaver course which is included).

– Biology and Physiology of the Dental Pulp
– Biology and Physiology of the Periapex
– Inflammation
– Endodontic Microbiology

– Patient and Team Psychology
– Leadership and Teamwork
– Endo Expertise … Be the 3% to Reap the 97%
– Marketing
– Practice Magement by the Numbers

– Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
– Pain Control
– Tooth, Root and Jaw Anatomy
– Orthograde Endodontic Treatment and Retreatment
– Retrograde Periradicular Surgery
– Endo-Perio Relationships
– LAE or Laser Assisted Endodontics
– Dental Trauma Management in Pediatric/Adult Patients Iatrogenic Mishaps Management

Tuition: USD 29,995.00
*4 cadaver courses included in the program to further improve the hands-on aspect.

The graduation exam can be administered when you are ready. Not all cadaver courses have to be completed for graduation to take place.



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