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About Root Camp Courses

Dr. Nguyen’s Bio

Dr. Nguyen is a native of Saigon, Vietnam but has spent most of his youth in Brussels, Belgium. He earned his Bachelor degree in Dental Sciences in 1997 from the Catholic University of Louvain, in Brussels, Belgium. He subsequently earned a Certificate in Endodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry degree in 2001 from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. From 2001 to 2008, Dr. Nguyen was a full-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Endodontics at both the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and the Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Nguyen is an Adjunct Professor of Endodontics at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, Master at the World Clinical Laser Institute and an active member of the American Association of Endodontists & American Dental Association.

Dr. Nguyen is fluent in English, French and Vietnamese. He travels around the world to lecture 50-days a year, about clinical endodontics and practice management. He currently practices at Polaris Dental Specialists, a multi-specialty practice in Beaverton & Salem, OR, USA.

I developed Root Camp to help general practice dentists perform 90% of their Molar Root Canal Treatments in-house by following a structured, predictable clinical approach resulting in a faster & more profitable outcome!

Dr. Nguyen “Win”

Root Camp … Ultimate Profits from Optimal Patient Care … A “Nguyen Nguyen” Proposition

ROOT CAMP was founded by Dr. Nguyen “Win” who built a series of courses as an extension of the original training dentists undertook, which is to serve and heal patients. His unrelenting drive requires balance within 3 areas: practicing clinician, business owner and academician. He however clearly understands the struggles of dental practitioners and developed 4 courses to improve quality of life, through preserving the 2 things that no one could ever buy … TIME and HEALTH, for both patients and Doctors. A true “Nguyen Nguyen” proposition.

The “a la carte” approach to the various modules allows clinicians of all backgrounds and proficiency levels to find the judicious combination that fits their schedule, learning needs and clinical wants.

Level I - Endodon-Tricks and Surg & Rescue

In Root Camp Level 1, learn over 2 days, the skills to tackle calcified molars, retreatments and entry-level apical surgeries. Interactively presented is a tsunami of information that reiterate the core principles of clinical Endodontics, and highlight the latest and greatest innovations, from a sciencesupported standpoint but with a clinically-relevant and patientcentered approach. Small class size allows each participant to remain engaged and their questions answered in depth. This first step in the Root Camp Series provides the “why” behind the “how” and equips attendees not only with clearcut protocols but also the knowledge that they each need to trouble shoot the day-to-day challenges of modern clinical Endodontics. Level I culminates with a hands-on workshop that focuses on how to complete molar RCTs in 30-minutes.

Level II - Advanced Cadaver “Mud Run” Course

The 3-day “Mud Run” cadaver workshop teaches clinical stepby-step protocols, using an array of systems and materials in a model that most closely simulates a live patient. Doctors and their support teams are taught proficiency at rendering patient-centered, high-quality, effective, efficient and highlyprofitable endodontic care. Extensive hands-on “in-thetrenches” learning is limited to 8 teams. “Large weapons” such as CBCT, Dental Operating Microscope and Laser are provided to each team. A true “Immersion Experience.”

Level III - W3P4

Known as The Coaching Program, “Work 3 Play 4” adds the business and practice management perspective to the initial 2 phases of the Root Camp Course Series. W3P4 involves one on-one coaching over 6-months. Business strategies built on skills previously leaned are implemented and tracked closely to ensure matching outcomes. Plan reviews and continual coaching ensure that systems ultimately optimize both human and financial resources. The end-in-mind of W3P4 is to allow practitioners to stop the “live-to-work rat race”, and focus on “work to live” instead and enjoy a 4-day week-end.

Level IV - Mini-Residency

Known as “The Works”, the 12-month Mini-Residency pulls together levels I, II and III in an intensive week-by-week program highlighted by scientific literature review, case presentations and in-depth literature-based discussions. The goal of the Mini-Residency is to enable each Doctor with the necessary science to support the “Why” and “How” provided in Levels I through III, and therefore forge the true and complete Endodontic Experts whose sole goals should be to do “whatever it takes” to save the “Natural Implant”.


Root Camp Courses Modules

Level I – “Endodon-tricks and Surg & Rescue”… a Comprehensive Approach to Modern Endodontic Concepts and Techniques

Wondering about the role of laser and 3D imaging in endodontics and how to make modern technology pay for itself? Looking for a way to be faster while increasing day-to-day quality and satisfaction? Always wanted to add endodontic retreatment and apical surgery to your skillset? Then come and learn to increase your endodontic production while lowering stress with “Endodo-tricks” and “Surg & Rescue.”

Down-to-earth, clinically-relevant, effective, and efficient endodontics like you have never been shown before. Attain ultimate profits and obtain endodontic excellence through the synergistic combination of technology, teamwork and smart scripting. Take the first steps towards keeping your endos in-house with Dr. Nguyen’s practical, simple and predictable protocols of laser-assisted retreatment and apical micro-surgery, in molars and non-molars alike.

Among others, topics will include the following:

Endodon-tricks – learn the skills to tackle calcified molars yourself!

Anesthesia: management of “hot teeth” and laser-assisted pain control

Access: planning the CBCT-assisted “surgical strike” and safe access into hyper-calcified canals

Shaping/disinfection: minimize breakage, maximize efficiency and optimize disinfection with laser

Obturation: warm gutta-percha techniques for an outstanding 3D seal

Surg & Rescue – save the natural tooth while increasing profits!

Case selection: saving the “natural implant” or going for the artificial implant?

Retreatment: strategies and in-depth step-by-step protocols to avoid referring retreatment cases out

Apical/crown lengthening surgery: core principles and step-by-step laser protocols in molars

Learn to do 30-minute molar endos without compromising on quality!

Level II – “Mud Run” Advanced Cadaver Course… Hands-on strategies and solutions for enhanced success

This component of Root Camp is all about putting concepts into action to overcome the daily obstacles encountered in clinical endodontics.

The three-day “Mud Run” workshop is designed to further familiarize each attendee with clinical step-by-step protocols and an entire array of systems and materials. This endo-version of the “Spartan Races” will provide participants with the level of exposure and act as the confidence builder that they need to consistently and proficiently render optimal endodontic care. Attendance to the hands-on session is limited to 20 participants, to allow proper one-on-one interaction. Concurrent use of the Dental Operating Microscope and Waterlase lasers will further enhance the overall learning experience.

Bring your administrative and clinical team with you so that everyone can learn the “Endo Dance.” One-one-one assistant-to-assistant, patient-care coordinator-to-patient-care-coordinator interaction will allow your entire team to bring home systems, protocols and scripts that Dr. Nguyen and his staff use daily.

Improve your skills and confidence! Keep your endos in-house!

Two-day Endo Surgery Retreat

This 2-day intensive hands-on session will equip the Doctors (and their staff) who wish to become proficient at retreatment and minimally-invasive endodontic apical micro-surgery while using the Waterlase laser. Upon completion of this module, each participant will feel confident to enlist their team in confidently scheduling and completing molar cases of low to moderate difficulty. This hands-on retreat is also limited to 20 participants to optimize one-on-one learning.

Root Camp Course Objectives

Deliver scientifically-based, clinically-relevant and easy-to-apply protocols

Build a results-oriented approach to clinical endodontics

Increase and perfect the knowledge of contemporary endodontic principles, materials and armamentarium

Keep 90% of endodontic patients “in-house” while accomplishing outstanding results *

Enhance revenue from increased fees and improved case acceptance – Raise your production immediately!

Decrease stress while heightening your patients’ and your own satisfaction

Optimize treatment efficiency through streamlined protocols and synergistic teamwork

Bring within the reach of the basic concepts and proficiency of non-surgical re-treatment and apical surgery

*when attending the entire Root Camp series

Root Camp Courses 2018
Root Camp Courses 2019

With registration to the entire Root Camp “Compilation” a complimentary bonus 8-hour visit to one of TCD Endodontics Clinics will expose participants to Dr. Nguyen’s practice environment. All newly learned systems and protocols will be demonstrated through live patient interaction/treatment and one-on-one contact with Dr. Nguyen’s staff. Observe the “Endo dance” that Dr. Nguyen and his staff accomplish each day and see how they maximize efficiency while optimizing treatment quality and results!

Learn to master minimally-invasive laser technology

In-office on-site visit: To be scheduled at convenience

COURSE FEES and CE Credits

Endodon-tricks and Surg & Rescue: USD 2095.00 – 16 CE credits

3-day Mud Run: USD 6795.00 – 24 CE credits – Bring up to 5 members of your Team at no additional cost

Register for 2 events, take 5% off … 3 events, take 10% off … and all 4 events, take 15% off

To register for the hands-on Mud Run or two-day surgery retreat, it is mandatory to register for Endodon-tricks or Surg & Rescue, respectively.

*The in-office on-site visit is complimentary when registering for any hands-on sessions.

Root Camp – Endodontic Training

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Simple and clinically-relevant, effective and efficient Endodontics!


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Root Camp Kuala Lumpur 2018 testimonials
Dr. Vlada Matytsin
Dr. Kevin Tims


…Dr. Nguyen was very approachable
and willing to share his knowledge
… perfect for the GP

Dr. Ian Salisbury – Eugene, OR – USA

…simple, quality, effective endo for the GP
… the entire course was its own strength

Dr. Bryant Zollinger – Spokane, WA – USA

… I can’t remember ever attending a more comprehensive endo course where I got more than I bargained for

Dr. Kevin Tims – Tauranga – New Zealand

… Kindles the endo fire within, for patient care and practice effectively

Dr. Dennis Tan, Singapore

… it was great to have so much information delivered; practical stuff

Dr. Anca Todea – the Netherland

… by far the best endodontic course I have taken in my 19 years of dentistry

Dr. Marc Iwahiro – USA

… I feel very inspired and excited when I leave and more confident when I tackle a case

Dr. Chip Paluska – USA

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